Rehabot — technological company, which is meant to design effective and simple-to-use devices for the rehabilitation of human motor skills.

Why we do it

Brain injury, aneurism and a stroke cause a great deal of problems for their victims. The majority of diagnosed with this condition lose motor skills, which are hardly improved in hospital. However, without this physical function patient is unlikely to return to the normal life. Therefore, our mission is to provide personalized home-based recovery and consequently to bring people back to their regular lifestyle, to increase quality of people life.

How we do it

Rehabot brings together engineers, programmers, designers, and physicians for the development and production of new training devices and provides qualified assistance in the recovery process.

What we have achived

Our first creation is a mechanical device intended to treat fine motor skills disorder. Summer 2015 we started to implement the device in local clinics and launched a rent service to allow patients to undergo rehabilitation at home.

Contact us

Birzhevaya line, 14
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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+7 965 034 37 31
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